Modern living can be an important endeavor. Trying to have a job, living a social life outside of the workplace, social media, even watching the news can change our mood and create tension. If we add a global pandemic to all of this, the situation can be overwhelming. In addition to the activities you can do during these times of anxiety and tension, there are also pleasantries that you can use.

Herbal and aromatherapy oils, soothing creams and refreshing sprays not only beautify your skin but also relax your mind. Aiming to solve problems such as anxiety, tension, low mood and insomnia, the pleasantries offer everything you need in this period! You can see the works that will raise your mood in the photo gallery…


Hydra-Zen Anti-Stress Cream, 480 TL LANCOME

Your skin may be sensitive due to emotional and environmental reasons. As a result, you can renew your skin, which has lost moisture, with Hydra Zen cream.

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Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil, 179.90 TL THE BODY SHOP

14th Century French Ruler VI. Inspired by Charles sleeping on pillows filled with lavender to calm him down, this massage oil is made from lavender that relaxes the mind and body. You can use this massage oil at the end of a tense day.

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Aromachology Relaxing Shower Gel, 108 TL L’OCCITANE

This shower gel derived from beneficial herbs contains rosemary and lavender. This shower gel, which is a module of the Aromachology collection, brought together to make you feel sufficient and relax, brings together many precious oils.

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Stress Relief 10 Pcs Gas Mask, 310 TL ESTEE LAUDER

This eye mask, which reduces the imperfections caused by environmental and emotional factors, makes the skin look soft, refreshed and healthy.

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Stress Fix Body Moisturizer, 299 TL AVEDA

Moisturizing your body instantly, this cream softens the skin while helping to get rid of tension. With lavender and sage musk, this 100% organic certified work creates a relaxing effect with its tension-relieving aromas.

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Rose Quartz Facial Massager, 210 TL THE SIM CO.

Known for its cooling and soothing power, the pink quartz facial massager is used not only for mental relaxation but also for skin health. While accelerating circulation, reducing tension in the facial muscles, this work supports natural collagen production by reducing under-eye bags.

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Skin Rescuer, 279 TL KIEHL’S

This product, which creates a feeling of instant relief and comfort in stress-prone and very sensitive skin, protects the skin barriers and makes the skin resistant to tension. This moisturizer, which controls the reflection given against the tension, prevents the formation of inflammation.

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Moodpatch Happy Place Inspiring Aromatherapy Gel Eye Mask, 119 TL PATCHOLOGY

Formulated from the natural leaves and oils of citrus and flowers to encourage positive energy, this eye mask relaxes you with its essences and moisturizes your eyes at the same time.

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Santal Skin Care Oil, 303.45 TL CLARIS

This oil, which is beneficial for both your skin and your mind with its soothing floral scent, prevents moisture loss and the formation of fine lines.

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Consisting of birki essences that have the same frequency with each chakra’s own vibration, this set consists of seven power centers (chakras) in your body; It helps you stabilize your body, mind and subconscious by stimulating it.

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