Home remedies for dental tartar, walnut shell is good!

The question of how dental tartar passes at home is one of the most sought-after topics on the internet recently. Although dental tartar is a problem that smokers suffer from, non-smokers can also encounter dental tartar. It is a condition that appears to be bad in an important sense, which occurs when the teeth are not brushed properly or not brushed enough, and negatively affects the health of the mouth and teeth. The walnut shell procedure is one of the systems commonly used to eliminate this problem in public. As Elmaelma.com, we have brought together the analysis offers in the house that destroys dental tartar…

Natural analysis suggestions for dental tartar problem at home

Boil 40 grams of walnut shells in a glass of water for 20 minutes and drain the water. If you brush your teeth with boiled and filtered water 3 times a day, you will realize that you get rid of this problem.

It is brewed by adding 2 teaspoons of dried mint to 250 ml of boiling water. You can either drink or gargle the brewed mint tea. Mint will also eliminate your gum problems.

Squeeze half a lemon into 1 teaspoon of baking soda and add 2 drops of olive oil. All material is mixed in a bowl. Teeth are brushed with this material. That is all!