How do we know that the immune system is weak, it is often a symptom of getting sick!

The immune or immune system in the body makes it worse to get diseases. When you are weak, it is easier to catch diseases. The symptoms your body shows you give clues about your immune system. Based on these symptoms, you can tell if your immune system is weak. So what is the immune system? How is it strengthened? The answers to these questions are here…

What is the immune system?

The immune system is the sum of the processes that protect against diseases in a living thing, recognize pathogens and tumor cells and destroy them. The system scans a wide variety of living organisms, from viruses to parasitic worms, to every foreign element that enters or comes into contact with the body, and distinguishes them from the living body’s healthy body cells and tissues. All living things in nature have defense systems against tissues, cells and molecules that are not their own. Even simple single-celled organisms such as bacteria have enzyme systems that protect them against viral infections. Higher creatures, on the other hand, have a much more complex immune system.

Here are the signs that your immune system is weak;

Common upper respiratory tract diseases

– Increased feeling of chronic fatigue,

– Sensitive skin and fungal infection of the skin,

– coldness in hands and feet,

– Inability to meet the vitamins and minerals the body needs despite a healthy diet,

– Decreased functions of organs,

– It is the presence of sores such as herpes and aphthae in the mouth.

How to strengthen the immune system?

adequate sleep

Studies show that individuals who receive the flu vaccine and are adequately rested develop a stronger defense against the disease. Not getting enough sleep can lead to higher levels of the tension hormone. Adults need an average of 7 or 9 hours of sleep.

Release chronic tension from your body

Everyone has a little stress factor in their life. When the tension continues for a long time, it makes you defense against flu diseases first and then important deadly diseases. For this reason, you can get rid of tension, and if you cannot get rid of it, you can resort to ways to reduce it.

30 minutes of exercise a day

Try to train systematically and in moderation, such as a 30-minute walk daily. Daily 30-minute workouts will help boost your immune system. People who train are less likely to get the flu.

laugh a lot

Laughing is the most effective immune-boosting method. It reduces the level of tension hormones in the body and increases the white blood cell that fights infections.

Get Omega 3

Daily omega 3 requirement is about 1-3 g. Supporting those who cannot consume this type of food or have nutritional problems with supplements or syrups containing fish oil – omega 3 is very valuable for both a strong immune system and brain development.

Vitamin C every day

According to studies, children who take 1000 mg of vitamin C every day as a precautionary measure have a 13% decrease in cold symptoms. 250-500 mg of vitamin C taken 3 times a day with meals is sufficient.