How to shape eyebrows, it is important to choose a good tweezers!

The appearance of our eyebrows affects our beauty enough to change our face and words. If you do not have time to go to the hairdresser, you can quickly shape your eyebrows at home. There are some tricks to shaping eyebrows. Here are 5 ways to shape eyebrows!

First step: Cutting

You have to cut the unruly wires that are scattering left and right and have started to come out in unrelated directions. You can cut using eyebrow scissors. Before cutting, comb the eyebrows to the growth side with the eyebrow comb and cut the tiny eyebrow strands from the right to the left.

Choose a good tweezer

Throw away your ordinary cheap tweezers. It hurts a lot more because cheap tweezers pluck the eyebrows instead of plucking them. A magnifying mirror and quality tweezers, eyebrow comb and fine eyebrow/cuticle scissors should be ready in a corner.

Paint before brows

You can move more easily if you paint the area you want to stay with an eyeliner before you start to take your eyebrows. You can reach the desired shape by cutting the eyebrows outside the area you have painted and taking them with tweezers.

Get both sides at the same time

One of the basics of eyebrow plucking is to pluck the eyebrows together, not sequentially. So don’t finish one eyebrow and move on to another. It will be possible to take the same areas equally by going back and forth in the middle of the right and left eyebrows.

Your hair and eyebrow color should be in harmony

Do not forget the eyebrows while dyeing your hair. Don’t forget to tell your hairdresser that she should definitely color your eyebrows as well. It is possible to skip this point, especially if you dye your hair at home.