Kesha is back and even stronger than before! The 32-year-old famous musician has been living away from the cameras for the past few years, but he announced exciting news last week. Kesha, who made her comeback with a different style in addition to her new album, stated that she returned to her essence.

The famous musician, who sang his new single, Raising Hell, at a Jack Daniels party last Monday, stated that this is just the beginning. Announcing that she will launch a brand of beauty with her album ‘High Road’, which will be released in January, the famous musician said that her brand called Kesha Rose Beauty is quite colorful.

Kesha, who said that she could not give details about the make-up brand yet, said that she is in front of us with new projects in the coming months. Known for her blonde hair, Kesha says her new dark brown hair style represents her empowered character. Revealing the unknown aspects of her personality for her new album with many different themes, Kesha says we will see her unfiltered.

“Being beautiful is contentment and contentment is beauty, so I support this notion with my new makeup brand and album,” Kesha told Refinery29, describing herself as “An aura that flies around.” Kesha, who says that she will encourage contentment instead of being great with her make-up brand, says that she wants to express people’s inner pleasantness with her new brand.