Admiration for Marilyn Monroe continues even today. Almost 60 years after Monroe’s death, the interest in the life of the famous icon does not diminish. Would you like to learn about Marilyn Monroe’s pleasant routine, which is considered one of the most beautiful and charming women in the world? Your answer is a loud “Yes!” We hear that! Marilyn Monroe’s pleasant routine, which has been the subject of many productions with her mysterious life, has emerged, and you can buy some of them today!

We learned about the care that Marilyn Monroe applied in 1959 with the sharing of the Makeup Museum in New York recently. Hungarian dermatologist Dr. Erno Laszlo’s recipe for Monroe is on display at the Makeup Museum. The stand, which was normally expected to open in May, had to be postponed due to the Corona Virus epidemic. But the founder of the museum, Doreen Bloch, shared some parts of the 1950s on Instagram, in the middle of which is Marilyn Monroe’s special ritual of niceness!

The prescription, dated March 17, 1959, was written to the name “Marilyn Monroe Miller”, who was married to Arthur Miller in the middle of 1956-1961. In the prescription, which is written according to the hours of the day, there are distinctions before going to bed and before and after the activities. In the recipe, which also includes nutritional proposals for skin health, it is recommended that Monroe not eat nuts, chocolate, olives, oysters and scallops.

To begin with, Monroe’s skincare routine starts in the morning. Using Erno Laszlo’s ‘Active Phelityl’ soap, Monroe is said to clean her face with warm water. Later, Monroe, who was told to use Erno Laszlo’s ‘Normalizer Shake-It’ mattifying tonic, after shaking the bottle, applies the tonic to the rest of her face, except for her eyes, with the help of a cotton ball. The physician, who tells him to use Erno Laszlo’s eye cream called ‘pHelitone’ for his eyes, tells him to apply ‘Duo-Phase’ powder to his face and neck.

Monroe, who is told to apply the ‘Shake-It’ tonic before the eye cream for important events, reduces the density of the cream with the help of a napkin and applies the ‘Duo-Phase’ powder. Monroe, who is more detailed in her bedtime pleasantness routine, starts with olive oil and rubs Erno Laszlo’s ‘Active Phelityl’ oil on her skin. After cleaning it and drying her face with a towel, Monroe, who is told to apply Erno Laszlo’s ‘Active Phelityl’ cream all over her face, cleans her face with a cotton ball. After applying Erno Laszlo’s ‘Controlling’ lotion tonic, Monroe is told to dry his face again with a clean towel and then apply the lotion only to his nose and chin.

Although you can’t physically see what’s on display at the Makeup Museum, you can add almost all of Marilyn Monroe’s pleasantness ritual to your skincare collection. You can see many Erno Laszlo works used by Monroe in the photo gallery, along with the works that have started to be produced for the stand of the Makeup Museum…


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Active Phelityl Intensive Cream, $72 ERNO LASZLO

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