Missing tooth treatment methods are healthier to do after the age of 20!

Missing teeth due to decay in the mouth or not congenitally cause facial collapse or wrinkling of the skin. Missing teeth that cause collapse on the cheeks are healthier after the age of 20. Stating that there are wrinkles on the sides of the face, Bahçeşehir University (BAU) Faculty of Dentistry Lecturer. Member Assoc. Dr. Yeliz Çavuşoğlu Şanlı gave information about dental health and design.

When the back teeth are lost, there is both a collapse in the cheeks and a reduction in the middle of the nose and chin. The ‘digital smile design’ or ‘smile design’, which is the recognized aesthetic type of recent times, helps to add a different expression to the face. The smile, in which the structure of the teeth in the mouth plays a major role, also causes wrinkles on the face in the absence of teeth. With the increase of digitalization, we have heard about the application that we heard as smile design.

Missing Teeth Cause Wrinkles!

Stating that the smile design is always used, Assoc. Dr. Yeliz Çavuşoğlu Ulu said, “If a random application is to be made in dental treatment, the target is to correct the image as it will also affect the smile on this face. There was a design process before. It just wasn’t called smile design. The innovation here is that before, the technician could do this one by one by hand, and could not make the patient intervene too much. Now from the very beginning round form‘,’ triangular‘,’ serrated ends The patient can also use a phrase such as ‘I want teeth. We can show it on the photo of him by choosing the model that goes to the patient’s beauty from the middle of hundreds of options from the digital library. This application started to reach more patients as the patient started to choose one-on-one,” he said in the form.

Loss of Back Teeth Causes Facial Collapse!

The form of the teeth in the mouth has a great effect on the expression on the face. We think of posterior teeth as functions only because their aesthetics are invisible to us. There is a smile we call the ‘Julia Roberts’ smile. If you do not have such a smile, your back teeth are not an aesthetic zone under normal conditions. It functions, what is this function? For example, it allows you to chew. However, when the posterior teeth are lost, there is both a collapse in the cheeks and a reduction in the gap between the nose and the chin. Therefore, wrinkles appear on the sides and the face collapses when teeth are missing. If this situation continues, that is, if the patient continues to chew with his front teeth, the teeth will open. This time, the patient’s upper and lower height, which we call vertical dimension loss, is lost. That is, about the distance between the nose and the chin. This automatically changes the face.

However, when we straighten the posterior teeth with fixed prostheses, the patient’s jaw dimensions become normal again. This is reflected in the face. In the anterior region, the teeth are automatically the basis of the lips. Here, as soon as the teeth are lost, there is a reduction in the jaw bones. For example, when your tooth is extracted, you will see a hole when you look at the extraction site. Because the bone melts. Since the lip reinforcement comes from the teeth, when the tooth is gone, the lip will collapse in, so it will be a nasty image again. Except for small fillings in the mouth, many restorations have a direct effect on the aesthetics of the patient.

Missing Tooth Treatment How-When?

Stating that it would be more true to practice smile design after a certain age, Assoc. Dr. Yeliz Çavuşoğlu Aziz said, “First of all, a detailed examination is required for smile design. Because we want to cut the teeth as a minimum. In order to do the least, the teeth must have a clear alignment. If the tooth is not in real condition, we recommend orthodontics beforehand. Root canal treatment affects us. In general, we do not recommend before the age of 20.

Because both his growth continues and his teeth are very new, his facial structure changes over time. Of course, there is no such rule. In the absence of a tooth, which tooth is missing is valuable. There are two factors when determining the structure and location of the teeth. The first is the size of your jawbone and the overall size and size of your teeth.

These are inherited genetically from the parents. Let’s say your name is bigger jaw than your father and smaller teeth than your mother. Therefore, your teeth are spaced apart. When there is a missing tooth in the middle of these, there is automatically a larger gap in the teeth and it affects you more. However, when it is the opposite, the patient may not feel that much. It cannot be said that the body is 100 percent wasted. For every missing tooth, the patient should definitely consult a dentist to take precautions at a young age.