Text: Asli Asil

We quarantined ourselves for 14 days, and I guess we crave food, especially dessert, as we are all idle as residents. I have no intention of gaining the weight I lost. That’s why I make low-calorie cookies and bars for myself and my household. I’ll leave you the definition of both below.

Nuts Bar

It has less calories and a lot of flavor, and it suppresses your sweet cravings a lot. You can easily eat two as a medium meal at home.

-1 handful of hazelnuts

-1 handful of almonds

-1 handful of dried apricots

-2 dried figs

-Dark chocolate

Soak dried apricots and figs in hot water for a while. After softening, pull them both out of the blender.

Pass the hazelnuts and almonds in the same form in the blender and mix them with apricots and figs.

Shape into rectangular bars and pour the chocolate on which you melted the bain-marie.

Flour and Sugar Free Cookies

You can eat it with coffee as a snack or give it to the kids with milk!

-1 cup of dried mulberry

-1 tablespoon of dark cocoa

-1 cup raw hazelnut kernels

-1 egg white

We pass the hazelnuts through the rondo until they become flour and we use them as flour.

In the same way, we pass the dried mulberry through the rondo until they are in their smallest form. We also use mulberry powder in our cookies as candy.

We knead the egg white, cocoa, hazelnut and dried mulberry powders in a bowl until they identify with each other.

You can prepare modules in any form you want.

Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for an average of 20 minutes.

Your healthy cookies are ready!