Selena Gomez has always been outspoken about her physical and mental health. Gomez, who said that she now experienced gloom with her body perception after the lupus problem, responded to her followers who said she gained weight on social media. Speaking to Raquelle Stevens on the ‘Giving Look Generation’ video podcast, Gomez said that social media and cyberbullying have opened her eyes.

Describing when he started to suffer from weight loss, Gomez said, “I have lupus, I’m dealing with kidney and high blood pressure. So I have many health issues and along with that, I noticed the change in my body. My weight gain isn’t just because of lupus, it’s a combination of many things. I have to use some drugs throughout my life, and if I don’t use them even for a month, it affects them,” said Gomez, and underlined that the reason for his weight gain was health problems.

“I realized that I was gaining weight, because people were criticizing me about it. This is the truth… My body changes according to what has happened in my life,” said Gomez, and did not deny that the criticisms affected him a lot. Explaining that he has been thinking about this issue for a long time, Gomez is even more aware of the impact of social media on his mental health. Gomez, who has warned young people about this bet many times, stated that there is nothing he can do in response to negative criticism. Gomez, who admitted that he was badly affected by these pronunciations for a period, added that he tried not to deal with social media criticisms anymore.