Are you ready for the question of the year? “What are we going to do with our hair this year?” Yeah! This question is always on our minds.

Should you go crazy and turn your black hair platinum blonde? Should you give up your long hair and get your heart on the short ‘pixie’ part? If your mind is full of such questions, we have discovered the answers for you! The hairstyles we see using the red carpet and fashion shows determine the most trendy styles of 2020.

The pleasant cut, which goes in a different direction compared to previous years, emphasizes naturalness. In the new year, when waves, curls and even messy hair attract attention, we turn away from platinum blondes and turn to dark tones. Trends that surprise us every period are here with brand new models, making us forget everything we know this year! Below you can see the hair trends that we have started to see frequently on the red carpet…


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While many celebrities have turned to yellow or platinum tones in recent years, the situation is changing in 2020! We’re seeing the return of dark and warm tones. Dark browns, chocolate tones and warm dark yellows are in the middle of the prominent colors of the period. You can add warm glows in the middle of dark tones such as Emily Ratajkowski and Priyanka Chopra, or you can adopt dark shades like Zoe Kravitz!


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It’s time to adopt curly hair! If you are trying to straighten your hair every day with the glass glitter straight hair trend, you can return to your natural hair in 2020. Curly hair, which has attracted our attention on the red carpet in recent months, creates cool styles with its voluminous and fluffy image. If you don’t have the curls of your dreams, remember that perm is in the middle of the trends of 2020! You can leave your hair natural like Rihanna and Kerry Washington or you can use curly styles stylized like Blake Lively.


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You don’t need hair long enough to hang from a tower like the fairytale hero Rapunzel to try this trend! Long hair, which you can reach with hair extensions or products that accelerate hair growth if you are patient, are in the middle of the favorite styles of the last period. The cuteness section, which moves away from the short ‘bob’ parts, turns towards long and voluminous hair. Noticing this trend, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and Madison Beer started to highlight their long and healthy hair.


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Braids are not a trend or a style! Braids, the cut of many cultures, are in the midst of 2020’s top hairstyles. Especially on the red carpet, you can try the ‘Box braid’ braids adopted by Zendaya, Rihanna and Kerry Washington. You can try braids that create a cool and eclectic style in many different styles. After all, there is no end to knitting styles!


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Messy and frizzy sections are one of the most trending sections of 2020! Cut with layers that frame your face, this hairstyle is in the midst of sideburns of effortless elegance. This hairstyle, which looks like it has been cropped or just got out of bed, looks amazing on wavy hair. Bringing coastal waves and the ‘mullet’ hairstyle of the 80s, you can leave the house without trying to style this hairstyle!


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We’re taking pastels and rainbow hues one level further! Neon colors, which are in the middle of the most recognizable tones of recent times, first took over the clothes and then the makeup trends. Now, neon colors, which have started to be in the middle of hair trends, have become even more popular thanks to Billie Eilish. .