Selahattin Dönmez is one of the most reputable names that comes to mind when it comes to diet in Turkey. The reason for this is the high success rates he has achieved with his clients, as well as sharing his knowledge generously… Let me tell you in advance; I am a former client who has experienced this success first hand. Our dating story is different. Selahattin Bey is my next-door neighbor. After I lost my faith in diet lists and said, “Let me talk to my neighbor about this,” healthy eating has become a part of my life. Selahattin Dönmez, who saved me from the 25 kilos I gained during the pregnancy and breastfeeding period in only 4.5 months, and more importantly, without any burden, was in an important work in that period. In this period of feverish work, there were scientific articles stacked on his desk, which was always very systematic. I know that sometimes he does not look up from his research for days, that he researches and writes for days without even leaving his residence. Months passed and the fruit of this hard work, his book named “Life is as Good as It Eats” took its place on the shelves.

We have very valuable dietitians, but in my eyes your place is very different. Your success rate, that is, your rate of achieving results, is very high, what do you attribute this to?

Don’t let the heat of being next door make me swayed. Latife aside, it’s true that I know you. We shared one-on-one ideas. Of course, I do not like you very much because of your strong structure in the disciplined and successful weight loss process. Success is passing through the realistic path you follow in achieving the results of your work. If the path you follow is a methodology that does not understand the person with the problem of obesity, prepare the best diet list if you want, 1-2 weeks after reaching the goal, you will see that people leave you on the way to solving the weight problem. You should understand the overweight or obese person spiritually, get a quality nutritional history, evaluate it clinically very well, and create an individual plan. The person who comes to you with a weight problem should feel this. The other reason is that you have a motivational inspiration feature. As a matter of fact, in this situation where the individual cannot cope alone, you should use appropriate motivation techniques in a timely manner. This motivation should be unique to the individual. motivators; viable nutrition program, offers that fit into the community, understanding issues with empathy, and the results of the offers in weight yield. Motivation shouldn’t be empty either. Finally, I can say that there is a good knowledge, clinical experience and work discipline in managing a successful weight loss process. Because I think individuals come to your experience, reliability and honest answers.

I know that you have worked hard for your new book “Life Is Good As It Eats” and that you base your proposals on scientific sources. Could you tell us a little about the book?

Eating is the most precious activity of our lives, which we consciously take time for every day. And when we eat, we are satisfied. Not until you eat. I thought that if we enjoy eating, we meet our vital needs from food, and we run our metabolism, we should experience the joy of life as long as we eat right. And I called this book, which has a strong scientific foundation, that explains how to eat by describing healthy food in its taste, illuminating the issue of how to reach natural food, and more importantly, by cooking all the blessings that nature offers us with pleasure, as Life Eats Pleasant.

In short, readers will clarify the issue of what we should eat for a long life to be healthy and stay healthy, in every line they read. Because everything we eat has the effect of making us sick or having an attitude on our body. The feedback I’ve gotten from everyone reading it right now has been great. I prepared the truth, I knew it, but I was sure of the reader’s feedback.

My book consists of three main parts. The first part was a valuable part in which I detailed what happens in the individual’s own body during the journey of the food from the mouth to the intestines. Because without understanding how the food is metabolized in our body, it is impossible for us to understand how to choose the right food. I explained how appetite can be controlled, what behaviors we should prioritize in a healthy life, how we can understand that foods are natural in good life, and how we will continue our lives with a diet plan.

Since we cannot eat many foods every day, basically what food sets should we include every day. What are the foods we should consume on a weekly basis? In addition, my readers will learn about how we should consume foods that we will eat rarely. They will also be able to read my practical proposals for many information such as defending the nutritional cost of foods, the secrets of quality life, and access to natural food. In addition, there are special sections where I detail the tea, coffee, GMO, red meat, water, olive oil bets. There is also detailed nutritional information in each section.
In the second part, they will get clear scientific answers to the questions they hear more frequently. Every individual who reads the book will have detailed information on topics such as collagen, bone broth, matcha tea, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, apple cider vinegar, chia seeds, according to the results of scientific research.
In the third part, I prepared new nutrition guides for some diseases, including thyroid. In addition, I did not forget pregnant mothers and explained how the most valuable nutrition practice should be. I can say that everyone who reads my book will have enough knowledge to change every nutritional activity that they do wrong during their lifetime to a real behavior.

There is actually a very valuable secret in the book, even if it doesn’t come to you, you give all the key to the wrong nutrition of individuals. What is the way to ensure continuity in good and stable nutrition?

This is a very valuable and critical bet. The basic principles of real nutrition do not change for women compared to men. Compared to the child and the pregnant mother. Truth is, there is a fundamental element of nutrition. Our metabolism is based on a nutritional system consisting of various food sets so that we can lead a productive and healthy life. Daily consumption of milk and dairy products, whole grains, meat and meat substitutes, fresh vegetables and fruits. The subject of how much we should eat should be built on this foundation. Since the needs are different in children, adolescents, adults, gender, physical activity level, pregnant, breastfeeding and other physiological periods, portion size adjustment should be ensured because the size of the foods in this selected correct variety of nutrients changes. In addition, specific disease-specific nutrient elimination or functional natural nutrient replacement should be provided.

Therefore, the secret is; a diet consisting of medium level of milk and dairy products, less red meat but sufficient amount, mostly healthy white meats, providing enough eggs and stable animal protein, whole grains, legumes, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, blended with healthy fats. nutrition system is the most ideal way.

What is the ketogenic diet that you describe in your book, do you recommend?

The Low-calorie Ketogenic Diet, which is not loaded with animal protein and rich in vegetable protein, is definitely the safest way of testing for obesity when administered under the supervision of a Dietitian. In scientifically safe publications, it is a fact that the ketogenic diet has a very clear and therapeutic role to be applied within the framework of appropriate protocols according to the patient’s profile, blood findings and chronic disease problem under the supervision of a Specialist Dietitian and Specialist Physician. I explained on page 219 of my book that proper carbohydrate restriction breaks insulin resistance, provides rapid weight loss, regulates blood fats, and most importantly, supports fat loss in the inner abdominal region. Of course, there are more application areas. Those who read my book will be excited to know how expensive this Low-calorie Ketogenic Diet can be used.

What are the 3 biggest flaws you see in our daily diet?

Many nutritional analyzes about eating habits in our country, including the Turkish Nutrition and Health Research, are the biggest nutritional mistakes; Consumption of sugar-containing foods and beverages, excessive preference for foods containing saturated fat and fatty meats, and not eating vegetables. However, although research is expensive, I approach the issue differently based on my 24 years of experience. In my opinion, I should say that the first nutritional mistake is that every individual in the society exhibits superficial eating behavior from every food, without a meal order, with hedonic nutrition form. Hedonic nutrition is the physiological need of the body and the feeling of satiety, and eating every favorite food without measure control; This is the main cause of obesity and other related chronic diseases. The other flaw is that sugary packaged industrial foods, sugary and oily pastry products prepared with white flour, desserts with sherbet are eaten incredibly often. Third, addiction to fast food restaurants. I can evaluate the meals that are frequently preferred in the dining areas of shopping centers outside of the residence, as fried meats and potatoes, hamburgers based on white bread, delicatessen products and large-length coffee with cream.

What kind of a course should be followed against situations such as tables set in Turkish families and open buffets during holidays that can lead to a healthy diet?

All over the world, it is a frequent activity to crown social values, cultural heritages and eating with tables set on a table. Holidays and dinner tables, which are the areas of pleasure where we feel free, are the easiest place to be together where we can easily socialize with our spouses, friends, family members and colleagues. The most valuable thing to do here is to make good choices, to plan preparations from delicious and healthy foods, and to remember the value of eating with taste instead of overeating for strong tables that will strengthen the bonds of love. This is the antidote. Otherwise, saying that I will eat free on holiday and I will lose it later is unfortunately neither active in losing weight nor maintaining it.

Is there a way to prevent belly fat?

Physiologically and genetically, men are directly around the waist and upper part of the body; women, on the other hand, are prone to lubrication in the inner region of the abdomen, although they are loaded on the hips. As a result, lifelong fat deposition is common in the waist region for both sexes. Lubrication around the waist area is considered as the most dangerous lubrication today. The increase in fat storage in this region is considered as a strong risk factor for chronic diseases such as heart and diabetes. The only way to prevent this is to train regularly first. Walking, jogging, fitness, waist-loading physical activities should definitely start in childhood and continue throughout life. Today, there are many scientific publications showing that excess fat consumption, saturated and trans fats, sugar-containing foods and consumption of white flour are responsible for belly fat. Wheat, olive oil, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, fish, avocados and peanut butter in appropriate amounts appear in the literature as foods that are reported to reduce lubrication around the waist.

Is it possible not to gain weight after rapid weight loss diets? What is the ideal time/weight?

Classical information was examining the rapid regain of the weight lost quickly. However, these studies criticize unhealthy weight loss diets. Starvation diets, very low-calorie single-food diets, were the results of finite weight loss programs that forbid certain foods. Today, however, it is clearly known that it is the safest and healthiest way to lose weight with healthy low-calorie, stable meal planning and weight loss diets with sufficient vitamin and mineral supplements. These diets indicate that a standard weight loss range cannot be given according to the individual’s metabolic rate and face, excess body fat tissue, diet harmony and physical activity level. An individual can lose 6 kg in a month, and 3 kg, with low-calorie diets that make the eating habits right. However, although the general proposal is included in the obesity diagnosis and treatment guidelines that it should be 4-5 kg ​​per month, it actually differs a lot compared to the individual who follows this diet. As the frequency of events in which an individual who has lost weight for a long time has not changed, but gains weight in a very short time increases, we observe that the point that should be focused here is that the loss of fat tissue of the given weight loss diet, especially from the visceral fat depot, is more expensive in long-term defense. I think that quality is more valuable than weight efficiency in diets that provide motivation, personalized nutrition for real weight loss, and adequate nutritional habits.

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