What are the clothes that show thin and maxi skirts should be preferred!

It is possible to look thinner than you are with the right clothes and tricks. For those who are looking for dressing tricks to look thinner, we have compiled 8 tricks that will make you look thinner than you are. Here are a few offers that will make you look slimmer, from corset to pattern selection, from bra to accessory selection.

use a corset

We know that one of the most classic systems you have applied to look slimmer than you are while dressing is to wear a corset inside. This is perfectly correct, because corsets work very well. Whether you choose your corset model for your abdomen or leg area, continue to wear these corsets inside your clothes, which will make you look much tighter.

Find out your body type

It is valuable to know the rules of dressing according to body type, but it is even more valuable to know the specific modules that you should stay away from regardless of your body type. For example, some cuts such as capri trousers, multi-pocket bermuda shorts, pleated loose trousers will always make you look fat. On the contrary, dark-colored tight jeans will make you look much thinner and taller, especially when worn with high-heeled boots. If you choose modules such as long blouses and blazer jackets instead of wearing oversize in the upper garment, you may have the chance to look slimmer.

Don’t wear black!

Colors are also a solid tool for a beautiful illusion on the eyes. One of the oldest clothing tricks is to dress in the same color from head to toe to look slimmer. Especially when you make monochrome combinations in dark tones such as black, navy blue, burgundy and gray, you will look much slimmer.

Maxi skirts save lives

The view that it would not be good for women with curved body borders to wear long dresses or skirts is completely wrong. Maxi skirts with a real design and a smooth part have the effect of making you look much thinner and taller than you are. You can choose models with vertical lines to increase the effect.

vertical lines

Another clothing trick that has been known for years for those who want to look thinner and taller is to wear vertical stripes. On the contrary, horizontal lines also have the feature of making the person look much heavier and larger than they are.

use a belt

Some clothing tricks are also in the details. When you wear long or short dresses and animate these dresses with thin belts, this will have the effect of making you look thinner than you are. When you wear a thick belt, unlike the thin belts that make a stylish touch to your outfit, your body will be roughly divided in the middle and you will look bigger than you are.

Don’t be afraid of vibrant colors

If wearing all black or navy blue is not for you, but you still need to look slimmer than you are, we recommend you to turn to neon tones. For example, wear black trousers or a skirt, and a fluorescent sweater or blouse over it. It is valuable to establish this balance, so do not skip completing your combination with dark colors on your lower body.

Find the right bra

It is said that 80 percent of women are victims of bras in the wrong body. The untrue bra model for you will make you look much fatter and bigger. For this reason, it is valuable that you value this bet and start dressing tricks from the inside.