If you want to lose weight by eating, give the volumetric diet luck. Dieting, changing eating habits and staying hungry for a long time can be challenging for more than one time. The volumetric diet, also known as the volume diet, is based on the logic of eating until you are full. We asked Dietitian Abdullah Mollamışoğlu for valuable information about this diet.


The most common complaint we hear from people who are on a diet for weight loss is that they feel hungry. Here is the volumetric diet that provides an analysis of this feeling of hunger. In this nutrition model, also known as the volume diet, products with high volume but low power content are preferred. In this way, while providing a feeling of saturation, too much power is not taken and weight loss is achieved. In a way, it provides the event of losing weight by eating, which adorns dreams.


First of all, it is necessary to remove the works with a high glycemic index and heavy power. There is no place for frying, roasting, high-fat meals, pastries, desserts and creamy meals in this diet. Instead, there are high amounts of vegetables, fruits and fiber grains. Because the purpose is to provide enough energy by eating a lot. For example, 1 serving of baklava provides a power of about 500 calories, to get this energy with oatmeal, you need to eat about 16 tablespoons of oatmeal or 8 eggs.

Almost every meal should include a salad or at least a vegetable dish. Vegetables with high fiber content will create fullness in the stomach and will provide a feeling of satiety in the long run as it takes a long time to digest.

It is necessary to include products with high liquid content, such as soup and yoghurt. It will create a proper saturation because the area they cover is large. For example, 1 bowl of soup contains approximately 60% less power than 1 wafer.

It is valuable to pay attention to protein intake, low-fat animal products can be consumed, and salads can be enriched with low-fat meat, cheese, chicken or fish.

One of the most valuable points is water consumption. Water without calorie content will both increase your metabolic rate and provide a nice fullness in the stomach.

You should only eat when you are hungry, and eating slowly is a valuable rule. No matter what you eat, the feeling of fullness will come after about 20 minutes, so chewing well and extending the meal time will be a good method to reduce your power intake.

Avoid long-term hunger, especially going shopping on an empty stomach, it can cause you to make wrong decisions.

Try to include fruit and dairy products in your snacks. In this way, you prevent the rapid increase or decrease of your blood sugar.


1 glass of water after waking up in the morning


1 cup skim milk/yogurt

2 tablespoons of oatmeal

1 serving of fruit

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon


1 serving of fruit


100-150 g of baked, grilled or boiled meat/chicken/fish

Salad with plenty of greens + 1 teaspoon of olive oil

1 portion of vegetable dish with olive oil


1 serving of fruit

1 cup skim milk/yogurt


1 slice of white cheese

2-3 cucumbers


1 bowl of soup (it would be better to season it with oatmeal instead of flour.)

1 bowl of nonfat yogurt

1 portion of meatless vegetable dish / boiled broccoli, cauliflower


1 portion of meatless legumes (baked beans, chickpeas, green lentils,..)

1 bowl of nonfat yogurt

Salad with plenty of greens + 1 teaspoon of olive oil


  • The feeling of hunger on the volumetric diet is quite low, so it will not be compelling.
  • This diet, which is heavy with vegetables and fruits, is also rich in vitamins and minerals, so its antioxidant content is high, and it is a cancer shield.
  • Its cholesterol content is quite low and it is heart-friendly.
  • It prevents the fluctuation of your blood sugar and is a very suitable nutrition model especially for people with diabetes.
  • Thanks to the high fiber and probiotics in its content, it ensures the regulation of bowel movements.

While doing volumetric diet, it is necessary to pay attention to protein intake, a quality protein source such as meat / chicken / fish should be consumed in one meal of the day. In case of low protein intake, muscle loss and weakening of the immune system may appear.

Individuals with complaints such as reflux, gastritis or ulcer should definitely consult their physician and dietitian first. Raw artifacts or an overfilled stomach can be uncomfortable.

When the volumetric diet, which is very suitable for the ideal healthy eating model, is applied correctly, weight loss and quality of life will be increased. Always work with an expert to apply it in an accurate form. Remember, diet is always personal.

ARTICLE : Dietitian Abdullah Mollamamişoğlu