Dry mouth causes diabetes can be the cause!

Dry mouth, which happens to many of us, is a problem that is easily seen and passed over. There can be many reasons behind dry mouth. Diabetes is one of these reasons. In the midst of these reasons, if there is something you suspect may apply to you, it would be right for you to see a specialist quickly. Here are the causes of dry mouth!


Dry mouth is a common problem faced by diabetic patients. If you are experiencing dry mouth even though you are not diabetic, you may have diabetes. In such a situation, it is a good idea to see a doctor.

associated with liver disease

Another factor related to dry mouth and liver is alcoholic liver disease. Long-term excessive use of alcohol causes liver damage and causes this disease. In the middle of the first symptoms, there are often dry mouth, abdominal pain or tenderness, weight loss, fatigue. Alcohol often worsens the symptom of dry mouth. If cirrhosis has not started, stopping drinking usually allows the liver to heal itself.

wrong breathing

For various reasons, you can’t breathe through your nose. If you use the mouth, it causes a very heavy dry mouth, especially at night.


You may hear complaints from smokers that they often experience dry mouth. Excessive smoking may be the cause of dry mouth.

certain diseases

Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, anemia may be among the diseases that lie behind the formation of dry mouth. For this reason, dry mouth is taken seriously and a medical examination is absolutely essential to eliminate the problem.


Dry mouth, which is called ‘xerostomia’ in the medical language, is the condition of not having enough saliva in the mouth. Chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy to the face or neck can also cause dry mouth.


Saliva production, which is directly related to the nervous system, disappears in cases such as anxiety and panic. This leads to dry mouth.


When the body’s need for water is not met, it causes dry mouth.


If you have just come out of surgery, it is possible to experience dry mouth for a while.