Emphasizing that unhealthy and non-personalized diet programs are short-term, İlknur Özkuş said, “The low-calorie nutrition programs that are known today cause a decrease in muscle and water loss, not in the amount of fat, when they are not specially programmed. In other words, shock diet programs that guarantee rapid weight loss in a short time; It can slow down your metabolism. Long-term low calorie intake creates an environment of tension in the body, and along with it, the metabolism slows down. said.

Internationally certified Healthy Nutrition Consultant and Longevity Coach İlknur Özkuş, who gave examples from the World Health Organization’s healthy life and weight control guide, underlined that a healthy diet program should be tailored to the individual according to the age, length, weight and fat ratio of the person.

personalized diet

Expressing that a personalized diet program is to be fed according to daily calorie needs, İlknur Özkuş said, “Daily calorie needs are calculated according to the person’s height, weight and age. If our client continues his eating habits, he will never regain the weight he has lost. In this period, where we are slowly starting to become normal, we should start by losing the weight we gained in a healthy way and solving the digestive system problems. During the pandemic process, sleep disorders, weight gain and digestive problems emerged along with tension. Along with the normalization process, people went into various quests to lose the extra weight they had gained during the pandemic process. Many people have turned to uniform, inadequate, and unstable diets that are very damaging to their health. As it is known, low-calorie diet programs and unstable nutrition programs are short-term because they are not very unhealthy and personal. Since this type of diet programs reduce the body resistance of individuals, they may invite different chronic diseases in the following period. spoke form.