He rubbed toothpaste on his chest for 30 days and waited, and the result was…

Although we buy cosmetic products, different, home-made and natural care methods attract our attention. However, it is a fact that women do not know boundaries when it comes to pleasantness and care. Here is an example of this, YouTuber NaturalBeauty556.

From her YouTube account, the young lady posted an image of her breasts applying toothpaste and Vaseline. The reason he does this is because of the argument that toothpaste and Vaseline prevent sagging breasts.

In the video, the young lady shows her viewers how she makes a paste of toothpaste, cucumber, yogurt, flour and egg white that she spreads on her chest. Afterwards, the young lady rubs the paste she prepared on the chest area. His suggestion is that this process should be repeated for 30 days.


Aesthetic Surgeon Christopher Inglefield said the following about the method in the image:

“These strange advice appeals to many ladies who are not happy with the size of their breasts and can resort to the strange miracle. Unfortunately, according to many guidance on the Internet, the breast enlargement Vaseline and toothpaste technique is invalid news and pure online charlatan,” she said.