How to apply make-up according to your eye shape. If you have low eyelids, apply thin eyeliner!

For a perfect make-up, it is essential that the structure of our eyes and the make-up we apply are compatible. Each eye type requires make-up in different tones and structures. If you are thinking about how to do makeup that matches your eye state, this news will help you. Here are makeup tips for the eye form!

big eyes

Ladies with big eyes should apply dark eyeshadow to the corner of their eyes. Choosing eyeshadow palettes in dark tones is one of the make-up works that suits big eyes the most. Eyeliner and black eyeliner will suit this eye type very well and will make the eye look more normal size.

almond eyes

Almond eye condition is one of the most ideal eye forms that women want to have and risk plastic surgery. After applying a brown matte eyeshadow to the eyelid, the make-up made with a darker brown eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyelid creates a flawless look on almond eyes.

slanting eyes

If you have this eye shape, you can draw your eyes up with eyeliner or eyeliner. You should prefer light color headlights. Applying the eyeshadow to the base of the eyelashes will create a pleasant view for you.

small eyes

If you have small eyes, you should choose shadowy make-ups that will make your eyes look deeper. In this way, you will emphasize the shape of your eyes in a very pleasant way. Don’t forget to apply black eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyes.

prominent eyes

Care should be taken not to use bright and bright headlights. Choosing a medium or dark headlight instead will help push your eyes back. Using a dark colored pencil under your eyes will create a nice view.

far away eyes

You should prefer dark colored pencils and eyeshadows. You can apply a light-colored eyeshadow to the outer part of your eyes. This way, you can make your eyes appear closer together.

eyes close together

It is recommended for those whose eyes are close to each other to apply light colored eyeshadows or to illuminate their eyes. Choosing dark eyeshadows will make your eyes look farther away.

low eyelid eyes

Low eyes can make you look tired, sluggish, sleepless and sad. Therefore, you can apply dark eyeshadow to the corners of the eyes without lightening the eyebrows too much. Eyeshadow should be applied at the tip of the eye and in the middle of the eyebrow, not going further. Thin eyeliner will also be beneficial.